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Master YUAN YE – whose works adorn China's national stamps – for the first time ever in Singapore


South East Asia's premier urban art gallery is proud to announce the first exhibition on Chinese painter YUAN YE in Singapore. Showing the influences of both European and Asian painters, his artwork is a reminiscence of post-impressionism artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cézanne.


Traditional Chinese symbols such as blue-and-white porcelain, bamboo curtain and calligraphy merge in full harmony with the lightness and liveliness of Western art. This combination of a modern colour palette and traditional Chinese vases – epitomizing ancient traditions and the wisdom of old dynasties – is a novelty.


Yuan Ye’s unique usage of form, structure, texture and colour depicts the transience of each moment and leaves an impression of its reality and sensuality. The artist creatively interprets, reconstructs and deforms his flower vases – the result is natural and flawless. Although the play of brushstroke and colour seems casual, his techniques are carefully arranged and vary from expressive dabs to fine and meaningful lines.


His paintings are easy to access and have a calming effect on the viewer. The familiarity and immediate appreciation is a result of his outstanding artistic conception. “An artist must never stop challenging himself to change and improve. The day contentment sets in is the day that artist is done!” says Yuan Ye. With this mentality for constant improvement, he is always pushing the boundaries of creativity and artistic representation in his works.






“His artwork is special and flawless – this is the developing Chinese painting.”

Wu Guanzhong, renowned Chinese artist



“He works consciously and has an open mind to absorb all kind of inspirations.”

Lang Shaojun, renowned Chinese artist



“Because of his diligent spirit, his vase flower series is full of life. These paintings show Yuan Ye’s enthusiasm and reveal his talent.”

Li Chao, Professor at the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University



“In the traditional history of China there is no difference between poetry and painting because Chinese people have a very beautiful relationship with nature (…). Yuan uses this language in his paintings.”

Jean-Pierre Chevassus-Agnes, French artist and co-exhibitor of Yuan Ye



YUAN YE | March 27 – April 11

28th Février, 6 Kay Siang Road, Singapore 248924

Phone +65 6366 4642 



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